Customized luxury tour services throughout Japan

photoAccess to the best people, places and experiences in Japan requires an expert guide. TOKYO WAY listens and asks lots of questions to understand your interests and goals for your trip.

Japan offer so much to engage and delight the senses. The heat on your face from the forge where you are making your own kitchen knife, the thick indigo liquid you dip the cloth into when dyeing a shawl. The silence of a zazen session with a monk at a temple, the pounding of huge taiko drums overlooking rice fields at sunrise. The exquisite beauty of each course of a kaiseki meal in a room of sweeping serenity, the okonomiyaki savory pancake bubbling on the griddle in front of you in a tiny cramped hut under the train tracks. An incense ceremony that transports you to an ethereal state, and the dank oceany fish smells of the market early in the morning. Robots that dance and toilets that open when you enter the bathroom.

We use our knowledge of and access to deep resources in Japan to create the optimal plan for your visit. We take into account the season and any special festivals that fall during the dates of your visit.
Usually there are several rounds of planning before everything is completed.

Once in Japan, you will find our guides and support staff to be excellent listeners and extremely flexible.
Still, we balance this with the need to show respect to special people you might be scheduled to meet such as a kabuki actor, sumo wrestler, artist, craftsperson, comedian, head monk of a temple or a chef, so we make sure you arrive on time for those occasions and know in advance any do’s and don’ts that will help you ease into a good rapport with your Japanese host.

photoLuxury is of course a matter of comfort, style, convenience and control, and TOKYO WAY works closely with the best hotels, ryokans, restaurants, transportation companies and other service providers to assure that you get the best Japan can offer.

But we also feel that luxury has other dimensions, that we are equally committed to:
--The luxury to cross into a different world, to let yourself go, knowing that you have expert guides by your side if you need them
--the luxury of knowing that you have been listened to attentively and that every element of your trip has been carefully considered, screened and put together with your enjoyment and interests in mind.

Whether your visit will be a few days or weeks or longer, we can plan a full and balanced trip for you. We serve families, couples, extended families and small groups, from many countries, with a wide range of interests and goals. Whether you want to visit just Tokyo and Kyoto or explore many special though less known areas of the country, each with its unique food culture, natural beauty, history and crafts, we are honored to be of service in your journey.

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